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Naan Factory
Naan is a leavened bread from north India, usually too elaborate to be made at home.
These Naans, are hand molded and baked by specially trained chefs in open clay ovens called Tandoors.

No Indian meal is complete without an authentic Indian bread. Traditionally, bread is prepared fresh and served hot along with your favorite curry. However, the sub-continent has a diverse population and has a large variety of breads that are associated with different meals. Most of the breads are prepared of wheat flour but have varieties of spices mixed with the dough. Our Naan bread are prepared in the true traditional way and by the caring hands of master Tandoorias . The unique aroma of our Naan will take you back to India.

Naan Bread Fun Facts Naan breads are traditionally used as an accompaniment to Indian cuisine, particularly Balti recipe dishes. Many Naans are often teardrop shaped and include kalonghi seeds (black onion seeds) or fennel as an added seasoning in the standard recipe

Naans are the best known example of the leavened flatbreads found in India. They are commonly found in the north of India, especially in the Punjab, as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The naan is traditionally cooked in a tandoor; a clay oven dug into the earth. The heat from the ovenbase produces an open bubbled texture to the Naan with deep toasting marks to the base of the product.

Standard Naans are warmed and served for tearing and sharing and are eaten to absorb the sauces in many Indian dishes. Mini Naans are now being used to complement a variety of different dishes such as chilli, or for use as mini pizza bases; whilst rollable Naans and Chapattis are also used to create hand held Indian snacks.

Naan Bread Preparation: Heat through in an oven, grill or even cut to size and place in a toaster, then serve as an accompaniment.
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